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Vrijdag Zondag


tijd: 11:00 - 17:00
door: CBK Amsterdam

Gerda Kruimer (1963) maakt tekeningen als autonoom kunstwerk. Haar fascinatie zijn de ontelbare lijnen die onbesproken, ongezien verbanden leggen in het ruimtelijke geheel.
Een detail uit eerder werk is vaak uitgangspunt voor een nieuw kunstwerk. Zo ontstaat een serie gebaseerd op dezelfde rasters. 
De kleine werken (prints op aluminium) die in de vitrine worden getoond zijn delen van grote tekeningen die op de computer zijn verwerkt. Deze grote tekeningen waren in mei 2014 in het CBK Amsterdam te zien in de tentoonstelling ”Stroom Lijnen”. 
Het CBK heeft ook werken van Gerda Kruimer in de collectie.

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03-09-2013 t/m 08-09-2013

Speciaal voor CBK Amsterdam exposeert Whisperdesigngroup uit Moskou zes dagen haar ontwerpen op de entresol.

Workshop weaving and cutting op zaterdag 7 september vanaf 12.00
Vrije inloop tussen 12.00 en 16.00 uur. Deelname is gratis. 

Whisperdesigngroup was formed by four girls in 2010 in Moscow.
The main WHISPER concept -is to work with knits in different techniques and mix it with a variety of fabrics and other materials. We are interested in creating unusual things, inspired by street culture media, biological and eco spheres, and new multimedia technologies.
In its projects group extends the concept meaning of the costume, making it not just a part of everyday life, but also as an object of contemporary art. Girls are creating capsule collections of women's clothing, drawing illustrations for magazines and books, making performances and installations.

The project that we want to present called ICHNOGRAPHY. It's an Ancient Greek word which means land plan. ICHNO - trace, GRAPHIA - drawing.
The main ideas of it are conflicts between people of different nationalities and different cultures, human influence on the territory of living and concept if travelling inside and outside.
We want to illustrate this theme by using a costume language with various weaving techniques.
Firstly we took train maps of two countries - The Netherlands and Russia. Then we combined them 
and made a pattern, which will be projected on a piece of white jersey fabric, symbolized untouched 
newborn skeen of our earth. After it'll be transformed with splits, cuts, weaving, dissolution 
and coloured braids following the pattern lines.
With this we want to show that all human actions have their consequences. All kinds of transformation 
are an access to the new space and assimilation. It's like a penetration from the outside or inside, from 
the completely different space, and the emergence of a new life in an untouched area - expanding the 
boundaries of spaceby changing it and yourself.
All of these aspects were very important now, because a lot of people migrate these days litterally,
mentaly or phychologically. Physical territory we live in is enirely related with our inner methaphysical 
territory we live with inside. And whether it's a new place of living or an old one but with new circumstances, 
it's quite hard to find yorself in a new way not replacing your identity and not being in confrontation
at the same time.

So transformation of the land territory is one of the most important and valuable parts of human being, which 
can totally destroy your substance or on the contrary can protect and help you to find a new way of existence.

tijd: 11:00 - 17:00 | gratis / CBK Amsterdam